John Langridge was born in the fishing village of Whitstable, on the north Kent coast in 1954. He went fishing for the first time at the age of four, with his father for eels and crabs in Whitstable harbour. Fond memories remain of old Boultings Fishing Tackle shop. After studying English Literature as a mature student at Canterbury and then at Brasenose College, Oxford, John left the UK in the 1980s and took up residence in Valladolid, heart of Old Castile in Spain. He taught English there for thirty years before retiring to go fishing permanently, with ever more

writing when not at the waterside.


A talented multilingual writer, John has produced many books in both Spanish and English. His novella Lizarralde was originally written in Spanish, and he later translated it into English for the Medlar Press edition. It tells the tale of a Spanish barbel angler as he tries to come to terms with his experience of the civil war.

John’s most well-known book, the encyclopaedic Aphrodite’s Carp, unravels the legends, debunks the myths and provides everything you ever wanted to know about the world’s most angled for species. In a follow-up volume, John turned his attention similarly to the giant wels catfish before also adding three new books to the legendary ‘How To Catch Them’ series. His latest  English publication is a travel book about Spain, As I Cast Out, aimed not only at the travelling angler but also for the more general reader. In Spanish, his El gigante del Ebro has also just been published, to much acclaim.

Forthcoming works include Angling For My Ancestors, an international travel book, in which he follows in the footsteps of several generations of his own family, Nine Iberian Barbel, a Spanish angling quest in search of the remarkable variety of barbel species to be found there, and a new translation of the Astorga Manuscript, a 16th century fly tying manual.

John also writes for a number of fishing magazines and has been a regular contributor to the world’s most prestigious angling periodical, Waterlog, for many years.

Since the 1990s John has featured in several TV documentaries, about adventure travel as well as angling. He has been seen goggling at Galapagos wildlife, piranha snatching in the Amazon basin, riding the Trans Siberian to China, and battling with the giant wels catfish of the river Ebro. His latest films feature dry fly fishing for Spanish barbel, sea fishing for blue marbled rays in South Africa and tackling remarkable numbers of pike on the Canal de Castilla, all of which will be shown in the 2015/16 season of ‘Jara y Sedal’ on Spanish State television beginning in November 2015 and running through to May 2016.

An extraordinarily accomplished all-rounder, John has quite literally fished all over the world (except at the poles) for an extraordinary variety of species and yet, his only form of private transport continues to be a bicycle.


Titles by John Langridge include:


Días de gloria (Spanish)    Ediciones Fuente de le Fama (2002),

Lizarralde (Spanish)      Ediciones Fuente de le Fama (2003)

Lizarralde  The Man Who Fished for Barbel   Medlar Press (2005)

Aphrodite’s Carp      Medlar Press (2006)

Diario de un pescador    Ediciones Fuente de le Fama (Spanish) (2007)

Francisco Suay Gilthead Sea Bream How to Catch Them (translation)    Medlar Press 2009

Animales 20 relatos íntimos    Ediciones Fuente de la Fama 2011

Catfish How to Catch Them    Medlar Press 2011

Sharks How to Catch Them    Medlar Press 2012

As I Cast Out    Medlar Press 2014

El Gigante del Ebro    Ediciones Difacil 2016

A Line Lost in Time    Medlar Press 2018

Burbot, In Search of Britain´s Rarest Fish    Medlar Press 2021


Forthcoming titles include:


The Astorga Manuscript Medlar Press  Uncertain date...

A Swagger of Perch & Other Collectives  Uncertain date...


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